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  Tensioned membrane structures

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Estimated prices for textile structures are 100-300 Eur / m2 depending on size, covered area, complexity, loads and chosen materials.

Preliminary manufacturing and erection terms are 8 12 weeks from entering into the contract.

More detailed information can be provided after preliminary design and engineering works, the cost of which may vary from 5 to 15% of the total project cost. Design and engineering process can take from a few weeks to several months.

While planning the realization of the textile architecture project, it is necessary to decide on the following:

- covering area (length, width, height);
- if it is a mobile or a stationary construction;
- if the structure is planned to be used during the winter period;
- additional elements (illumination, heating, etc).

After these decisions are made, please send us visual information of the area, a topographic photo and as much information as possible about the desirable structure - and we will send you the design and engineering agreement. You can also apply to your local architects to help you in construction model creation. All necessary technical consultations will be provided to your architect free of charge.

As soon as we get the requirements specification and the model of your desirable construction, we will send you a competitive offer with precise terms and prices.

We hope the information above will help you.